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JBL Charge 3: Review

The JBL Charge 3 is the newest model for the JBL family of waterproof speakers. This version features mesh fabric, making it very similar to more expensive brands on the market.

The Charge 3 boasts being able to take a dive up to 1 meter for as long as 30 minutes while the earlier version was only splash proof.


– The Charge 3 has a connect button on top which allowed me to pair the two JBL speakers I own. This means I could hook as many JBL speakers as I could get my hands on and pretending I’m at a live concert. Once paired with either Android or iOS, you can take your phone up to about 75 feet away. The connectivity, although diminished remains even if there is a wall in the way.

– I also own the UE Boom 2 and I can say for certain that the JBL Charge 3 is much louder.

– The Charge 3’s on sale at for just over $100 and I really love the color choices. There’s black, blue, gray, red and teal or a funky camouflage for a few extra bucks.

– It has 20 hours of battery life. You can siphon off its power for you mobile phone and the small stand which stops it rolling, 5 indicator lights tell you if the how much juice you’re using.

– I used this speaker in my bathroom and it turned my shower into a party for one. Even if the speakers aren’t omnidirectional, luckily the sound quality it decent.

No Like:

– This model has a play/pause button, skip and volume on the side. If I wanted to go back to a previous song, though, I had to retrieve my phone.

I dropped it in my hot tub and although waterproof the music was not as clear as it was when dry. Sound quality’s affected if you take it swimming.

– Yes it makes Bluetooth calls, and in the case of the Charge 3, I found it sometimes cut in and out. I called one of my friends who said my voice wasn’t very clear and it wasn’t nearly as good a quality as when I called with my iPhone.

The JBL Charge 3 is tough and pretty. If you are looking for a more portable device perhaps the Flip 3 is better. If you want that high-end sound then the JBL Extreme might be your jam. This is the middle ground but its features, quality and price are easy to recommend.

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Best Hidden Dash Cams

Over the years, dashboard cameras have undergone significant evolution. A testament to this is the gradual decrease in size every time a flagship device is launched in the market. Nowadays, some variants, known as hidden dash cams, have become so small that they are hardly noticeable. Heck, some of them fit so subtly that they can be mistaken for a protrusion on the car’s chassis.

From James Bond imitators to stealth enthusiasts, the market offers a myriad of options when it comes to hidden dash cams. Identifying the perfect choice may prove overwhelming, especially to greenhorns. Consequently, we rounded up a list of the top hidden dashboard cameras currently in the market. After reading through this guide, you will make a note informed purchase that will suit you in every aspect.


With a wide panoramic view spanning 170°, you can never miss a moment with this beast. The best part is it’s outlook, as it sports a sleek and compact design . It’s cover is contoured, which makes it the perfect fit for the rearview mirror. The insulin G-SENSOR automatically records read-only videos upon the detection of unusual impact.

On the downside, this camera does not have WiFi, a shortcoming that limits its connectivity to other devices.

Street Guardian

If there is a hidden dash cam whose features justify the cost, then it is certainly the Street Guardian. This model effortlessly accommodate SD cards of 256 GB on top of the provided 32 GB card. Regardless of the time, all videos captured via this camera’s lens are always clear and in full HD. The integrated GPS provides both the car’s location as well as its speed at a specific time. Furthermore, the Street Guardian can withstand extreme weather conditions without malfunctioning.

Novatek 96655

Mid-range is arguably the most appealing category to the normal buyers. The Novatek 96655 falls within this group, hence its popularity. Its relatively small factor makes it inconspicous and less of a distraction from the driver’s point of view. This model can handle memory cards capped at 32 GB. In case storage space runs out, the camera automatically creates room for new media by overwriting the oldest files.

Through WiFi connections, one can remotely control and transfer data from the camera using their smartphone. Basically, your phone’s screen acts as the camera’s display, an aspect that further enhances the inconspicuousness of the dash cam

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