JBL Charge 3: Review

The JBL Charge 3 is the newest model for the JBL family of waterproof speakers. This version features mesh fabric, making it very similar to more expensive brands on the market.

The Charge 3 boasts being able to take a dive up to 1 meter for as long as 30 minutes while the earlier version was only splash proof.


– The Charge 3 has a connect button on top which allowed me to pair the two JBL speakers I own. This means I could hook as many JBL speakers as I could get my hands on and pretending I’m at a live concert. Once paired with either Android or iOS, you can take your phone up to about 75 feet away. The connectivity, although diminished remains even if there is a wall in the way.

– I also own the UE Boom 2 and I can say for certain that the JBL Charge 3 is much louder.

– The Charge 3’s on sale at Amazon.com for just over $100 and I really love the color choices. There’s black, blue, gray, red and teal or a funky camouflage for a few extra bucks.

– It has 20 hours of battery life. You can siphon off its power for you mobile phone and the small stand which stops it rolling, 5 indicator lights tell you if the how much juice you’re using.

– I used this speaker in my bathroom and it turned my shower into a party for one. Even if the speakers aren’t omnidirectional, luckily the sound quality it decent.

No Like:

– This model has a play/pause button, skip and volume on the side. If I wanted to go back to a previous song, though, I had to retrieve my phone.

I dropped it in my hot tub and although waterproof the music was not as clear as it was when dry. Sound quality’s affected if you take it swimming.

– Yes it makes Bluetooth calls, and in the case of the Charge 3, I found it sometimes cut in and out. I called one of my friends who said my voice wasn’t very clear and it wasn’t nearly as good a quality as when I called with my iPhone.

The JBL Charge 3 is tough and pretty. If you are looking for a more portable device perhaps the Flip 3 is better. If you want that high-end sound then the JBL Extreme might be your jam. This is the middle ground but its features, quality and price are easy to recommend.

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